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Monday, July 10, 2006


long time, no post


thoughts: sorry so slow to repost again. we went on vacation a couple weeks ago, at the end of which i was puking, and had one of those headaches that was so throbbing i will now and forever have true empathy for every person who gets headaches more than just occasionally. i've been in kind of a not-overly-communicative mood ever since...

i just signed up a new domain, plus corresponding parked domains, with the folks at e-z web hosting, and after punching the "order/sendmoney" button, the purchase page's logic came back at me saying i didn't fill in all of the blanks like a good boy. the thing which was missing was "company name." how odd that they'd REQUIRE that? well, actually, how odd that i'm sending virtual money to a computer that is working for a company for whom the employees, owners and investors may never know my name as a customer. and how especially odd that the product i'm buying is the ability to have people's browsers get routed to information of my choosing whenever they go to (sorry about the name, e. long time no phone, so i'm expecting a call and a chewing out when you read this). s doesn't dig the name that much either, and i can see where she's coming from. for an atheist its astounding how much religion she can handle). don't even bother going to the site right now, it's just lame and under construction until i can get everything running, and some people of the right mind frame to help design it better than five or six manually-written boring pages, that likely won't even try to use .css. certainly not php, asp, or cgi. just boring htm. i guess i'll put a mailto link on there so people can contact me to buy the stickers, but that's it. i still need about $600 to get the first batch of stickers printed (hint, hint, wink, wink)

oh, speaking of, the other evening s and i went down to see strangers with candy in san fran (it was fair/good imo). on the way back while waiting for the bart in the station, somebody had changed a "walk bicycles" sign so that the wheels looked like two eyes with eyelashes, one of them winking. and there was some more graffiti lower down on the sign that looked either like a referee's whistle or a pipe on its side, with the alphanumeric character 6 above it.

related to that, did anybody think about the fact that some folks were spooked out about june 6, 2006 because its date is 666, and yet next july 7th, less than a year away from today, it'll be 777. that's what's nice is that 7 always follows 6.

oh, so the company name... sorry i got sidetracked by my tangent-making mind. i filled in "prismatic tambourine factory, department of transverse mobioid hyperprismatology." sounds kind of like a crock name, and as if i were some type of nut, but then why were they requiring a company name again in the first place? good lord i hope i get a piece of junk mail with that on it. but i hope that all of the other junk mail stops. don't we all? even the people that send it probably would rather not get it themselves...

we saw the movie "network" last week, and "an inconvenient truth" last night. that's a heavy movie, but EVERYONE must see it and know it. the man may not have gotten to be the leader of the world's most economically and militarily powerful country, but he does get to make a movie that is the inception of a movement that will be influencing/steering public policy for decades to come.

music: a melody of my own.

colors: light robin's-egg blue and white

mood: scattered, sad, a bit nutted-out.

mind, be still.
breath, be steady.
eyes, see true.
heart, be true.

Link of the day: info about my head tattoo here, and here. the "topologies of the flesh book," i checked out from the library and haven't had time to read about it, but i think its likely similar to the concept of bi-thetical (or multi-thetical) identity/unity that i've been trying to push. even if there appear to be two sides to something, since they're on a mobius strip, one may discover that those two sides flow/blend together and are actually one in the same.

miss you.

pax hominibus,

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