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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Yep, today. The number of Man is come up, once again.

"Three sixes always wins," She said. "Except when you're in poker."
"Three sixes always wins."
"Yeah, except when you get smoked."

Ah, who knows? Maybe this time the angels will get their way finally.

mood: half-apathetic

thoughts: i've been all stressed out about tomorrow/today, because of all those Omen billboards plastered everywhere, and all the potential nutty full-moonesque reactions to them. i've had a stress headache for a couple weeks now, and am hoping it cools out after tomorrow.

if we get through this without any incident beyond the normal stuff that appears in the news (which i guess does qualify as incident -- i'm more talking about the gigantic headline type of incident) -- if we get through today without either/or exclusivity freakishness that prevents fun later, i promise we'll get to some fun in the "not too distant" future.

kind of like when the ok-corral gunfighter gets shot straight through, and stands there for a couple seconds, and looks down to see it with that look on his face. today might be when the bullet goes through the heart of humanity, and over the next few courses of events, it looks down and sees the hole, wondering what comes next.

and now he only eats guitars!....

pax hominibus,

Out of curiosity, would we notice if something really profound happened? Is it going to be the kind of "Day The Earth Stood Still" full-global event? I'm worried that something big will happen, but it won't be noticed because everyone will be too busy paying attention to other things, like what to watch on tv tonight or whether the stuff in The Da Vinci Code is true...
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