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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


We will know when AI is Intelligent

When AI in computers, or robots equipped with AI start asking questions like kids ask questions.

When AI beings start wanting things of their own accord. For example, a robot that has been programmed to *like* to go for walks, to appreciate the aesthetics of a sunset, but then later learns it really likes to stare directly into magnesium oxide burning, or just to look directly at the sun for long periods of time.

When AI beings start to reason and can develop systems of logic and philosophy. When they start to argue about Plato.

When AI beings find new ways to show affection - ways that we didn't program, and ways that we didn't expect.

Then we will know.

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Find census statistical data on google maps!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Rude Cocktail Robots

Here's an astute observation/prognostication by a slashdotter...

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mood: must finish paper

chant/prayer/mantra: must... finish..... pa.... per....

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Sunday, December 3, 2006


Hugs, Not Bombs

Meet Philippe.

I think I may have posted that one before, but I always lose track of where it is. Achewood is nice.

Huugs! Huuugs! Huuuugs!!! Huuuuugs!!!!!!!

pax hominibus,

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