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Friday, June 15, 2012


Quick note on HFT

This makes me ashamed because: 

1. That the people who have the power to put this kind of money toward whatever they want would put it toward something so morally vacuous and selfish when there are humans with real needs. The blind eye turned away from this opportunity cost is like a brickbat to my moral head. 2. That people who have the mathematical ability to do Fast Fourier Transforms and other mathematical formulae to model and interpret the patterns of economic growth down to the millisecond minutia, and develop ever-faster computer systems for processing and networks for conveying this data for the purposes of greed. Our smartest people should be doing something else, like modeling a secure centrally-planned economy that models our current economy, and takes into account the production and distribution of every necessary widget and piece of food needed to sustain us. And can work to eliminate all of the unnecessary waste while still providing the same things to everybody. And perhaps when everybody feels secure we'll be able to stop overproducing and overbuying. 3. That our governments would allow automated trading like this which siphons out the incremental gains from real traders who can't afford to do something like this. Instead they should devise a system of laws that works justly, but they've been bought. 4. That the resources for this cabling and computers, and for its installation have been taken from the Earth.

pax hominibus, agape to all, joel

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