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Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Perlform Slex like a champ

This email with spoofed return address Hershel Guy didn't get blocked by the gmail filters (I changed to "..." to replace real addresses). Apparently I'm Rachel Winter now.

To: Tammy Griggs <>, Irene Costa <>, Jane Connor <>, Lori Brandt <>, Rachel Winter <>, Marilyn Walden <>, Andrea Moser <>

cassock bel armament not dortmund lmay cathy be dumpy ! elphemerides may boredom ltry conciliatory a roach llit rangeland in aerogene it's elena or fallacy not connie ltry intrloduction may cowboy ! macromolecule some boar maly leghorn , proline or jawbreak but mainline l, filet a censorious ! , lenin butll infinlitive aolt quasiorder or crossbill !

advertisements, sheesh!

pax hominibus,

This is delightful. I also suspect that in the future regular written English will look just like this.
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