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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


inappropriate saxophone shopping

today while i was online studying up on saxophones for eventually getting one, my sweetie called up all anxious about money and stuff, though i don't think we're really in (or near) financial straits at present. eventually, i'll save up for one of these babies so i can learn tenor sax.

oh, and somehow today i ended up at How will the human race achieve peace and immortality? I'm not really sure I can comprehend this gentleman's plan, on account of rich leaders buying in because it will make them richer. Sure, so _maybe_ peace happens on a conglomerated-national level, but within the countries, there's still the rich and the poor, and he leaves a few giant strings untied in his argument, that can only be solved by the messiah.

"Alex Chiu just wants to stay home and feed his cat. If you think Alex Chiu will do those dirty job for the messiah, you must be insanely out of your mind."

I'm wondering if this is the same guy that Steph and I met on the BART about a month ago wearing a jet black wig, with grey hair sticking out underneath. He was going on and on about immortality, and was flummoxed when we said we didn't necessarily want to live forever, if a few "minor" justice issues weren't fixed first. He was so sincere though. Conversations on a loud moving train are often diffficult, especially with strangers....


Oh, and for more info (linked from Alex Chiu's site): check out

The following text is from there:


Our goal is to 1. get one million votes for Alleee and 2. find a prophet. What better way to do these than to use the Internet ?

The prophet part is easy. If you are a prophet, or know a prophet, email us by clicking here. Please specify if you can come to Seattle (WA) by yourself, or if you need airfare. Also send Certificate of Prophecy by email attachment.

[joel says:]

(if you can figure out how all the goofness above relates to the title of this post, you get a gold star. tape it to your forehead.)

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pax hominibus,

But where can I get a Certificate of Prophesy? I do want one of those, to hang next to my PhD dilpoma whenever I get one of those...
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