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Tuesday, June 6, 2006


"Legalize Snakes" Protest at SF Carnival Last Sunday

I told this gentleman with the sign I'd post this pic, but just got to it today.

The back story is that as my friends and I were leaving the Carnival Festival just off Mission, we saw a police action, where a guy had a duffle bag that looked like one could carry a twenty five pound dog in it or something, and the police took it, and were in the process of apprehending him when he tried to run around a dumpster and get away (amid ~10 cops). I'm not sure he was sober, but apparently, he had brought a snake with him, and apparently, that's not legal. Hence the protest.

My friend Amy spotted the guy with the "Legalize Snakes" sign, and for some reason we just thought he was a nut who liked to show up with his cardboard sign, but I went over to talk to him after taking his picture, and got a bit more of the scoop about what had precipitated the nuttiness.

music: Phone tones created in Sound Forge. No lie.

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mood: seven-sixteenths apathetic

thoughts: I'm excited because I got the studio finally wired like a pro would do it. It doesn't look like a rat's nest, and I was able to get all of the primary pieces of equipment hooked up in an intuitive and functional way, without even using the patch bay -- just the mixer. Oh, sorry I heard yawning, I guess I'm boring myself and you too. Sorry about that. And sorry for saying sorry.

OK, hugs to you, and pax hominibus too.

See above.

pax hominibus,

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