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Friday, March 20, 2009


School for Champions

Last night, I was thinking about gravity-powered spaceship design*, and realized I need to brush up on my physics.

While doing a search for gravity, force, and energy, I came across this great site, called School-for-Champions, which seems to have lots of great info for first time learners, and long-rusty reviewers.

lyrics: "Build me a mountain, lord. High enough to climb to the top, so I can reach for you."
From Psyche-Out, by Meat Beat Manifesto

*The basics of the design are a massive (10 km long, 2 km wide) toroidal hull that operates like a jet engine, with gravity as its force The front side of the toroid is pulling, and there's a gravity gradient within the hole of the toroid that leads to the rear side of the toroid which is anti-gravity. The good thing about this design is that people will live inside the torus, along the spindle (toward the higher gravity end), so not only does the gravity propel the ship, it also provides a way for people and plants to know which end is "up." Once we figure out how gravity and electromagnetism are related, and put more research into magnetic levitation trains (and their offshoots), and learn more about how the Earth's sweep around the Sun is a form of gravitational curvature, we'll be well on our way toward this technology. Eventually, these drives will approach warp one, if not exceed it somehow. The other things we'll need to figure out are how to successfully design a closed biosystem, so that we take into account all of the matter and energy within the ship.

In the meantime, Earth is our ship, in this elliptical path, and we need to understand and appreciate this closed biosystem, so we can better maintain it.

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