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Friday, February 27, 2009

So I just got an email reply regarding the Transforming Theology conferences coming up. Only some of the sessions are open to the wider public, though they will be recorded and available for later viewing, which would be good. I don't recall where it is taking place, and their server seems to be down, but if its too far away, I doubt I can make it just to sit and listen when I can hear a recorded version on my own time without wasting gas.

I wonder what they'll come up with.

This is just a tiny stub post, and a kind of bookmark for myself to come back and revisit this later.

From There You Are [Jesus Song No. 7], by The Flaming Lips
There you are
And you stand in the rain
And the rain fills your brain
And it makes you think that god
Was fucked up when he made this town

There you stand
With your bleedin hands
And you dont understand
Why you work so goddamn hard
To be anything at all

There you are
And you drive in your car
And you wish for the stars
And you end up face down in the road
Dead as fuck

chant/prayer/mantra: For the sake of our world, may our understanding of theology travel well beyond unexamined categorical boundaries.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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