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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Political Process and the Development of Black Insurgency

Political Process and the Development of Black Insurgency, by Doug McAdam is a book which I have been meaning to add it to my reading list. I recommend it to anybody interested in being a change-agent. For one of my classes, we read chapter three, and I was really impressed with the way he exposes new ground for political leverage.

If you know me, and like me, feel free to order me a copy.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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I do know you, and I like you a lot, so a used copy is on its way. Hopefully, the highlighting and dogearing jives.

Happy Sunday,
Sweet! I love used books with highlighting, because it makes the book into a three-way conversation, between me, the previous reader, and the author. It's especially fun if the previous reader has an erratic attention span.

Dogears are just a little extra love.
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