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Friday, July 20, 2007


Instructions for Using the Meat Puppets' Enhanced CD "Monsters"

From the readme.txt file at the root of the CD:

Welcome to the Meat Puppets Enhanced CD (ECD)

Having Problems Playing the ECD? Need Information?
First, let's make sure you have all of the right gear:
Macintosh -
12MB of ram (you"ll need more for the direct weblinks to work properly)
QuickTime version 2.5 - (See included installer)
4x CD-ROM reader
Color monitor set to 256 colors (minimum) or thousands of colors (recommended) and 640 x 480 resolution

Windows -
Microsoft Windows 95
16Mb of ram(you'll need more for the direct weblinks to work properly)
QuickTime version 2.1.2 - (Click the Install QuickTime button)
4x CD-ROM reader
Graphics card that can display 256 colors (minimum) or thousands of colors (recommended)
Sound card

Let's start with the installation instructions.
If you are having any problems, start here, read this, print it out if possible, and then try re-installing the program.

I'm not sure exactly what my point is, other than that as time goes by, things like this when dug up, will bring forth a feeling akin to that of reading the instructions for how to play those little cardboard record albums that used to come attached to cereal boxes, where you had to cut it out with a scissors and then find something to weigh it down so the friction from the mass of the needle/cartridge on the turntable didn't cause the lightweight plastic/cardboard disc to break free from the disc it rested on. For those born after the late-seventies, that already probably sounds a bit anachronistic, doesn't it?

Instructions might make perfect sense when they're written, but later, they either seem confusing and difficult, or like an obvious kludge that could've been done more elegantly. OK, how can we apply that to religion?

lyrics: "You angel, you." - Bob D

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pax hominibus,

I remember when every CD you bought had instructions on how to clean it. Now we just get scolded about piracy.

- Clif
Oh man, i totally forgot about those records on cereal boxes. As for religion, "do what ye will, harm ye none" seems to do the trick for me. ;-)
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