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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


water on a plane

I was planning on tm'ing this from my phone, but naturally *after* it allowed me to type in this full message (a LOT to type in with yr left thumb, though i had an hour to wait before getting on my plane) without introducing a character limit, my phone tells me "The address is too long. You must send a shorter message."

How about "Aaaaaaugh!!!"?

Because it matters to me so much that you know this little story, I am now typing this from a computer where I'm staying, after copying the entire message longhand into my notebook. Here it is:

I jst had an annoyance at the airtport. If u know me, u know i get upset about plastic waterbtls and that i'm also a little forgtfl, so if i need h20 while travelin, i buy a new botl and then wash and reuse it by filling it from home. Today I had a h20 bottle, a nice 1 ltr with a sturdy twist nozzle, with th intentioni of using and refilln it all week. at th security checkpt, they pulled me aside after letting me reclothe. he pulls out the bottle and doesn't let me drink it empty or pour it out so i could keep it, just throws it away. i wakled 100 ft further and found a store selling a similr botl fr 3 bux. i bought it to replace th othr perfctly good one and wish we had a system less wastefl.
no i haven't been livign undr a rock, i just forgot, bt can't we do betr thn this?
i told my wife about it, and she said life ir a comedy fr those who think, a tragedy fr those who feel. i miss those pre-feelin days.

pax hominibus,

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