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Monday, June 4, 2007


book list 3, with interesting books from the school library

if you've been reading, you know i work at the library at my seminary. while working there, i write down in my PDA the titles of books that attract my attention. all of the books on this list are books that i would like to read, or at least peruse and ponder. i know that i would never be able to read all of the books on my list, so if i can spend 30 minutes to an hour on most books, just to discover the tasty nuggets within that inspire, i'd consider that better than par.

some of these books, i'd like to read as a matter of cultural relevancy, some for personal inspiration/development, some to better the depth and breadth of my theology, and some for other reasons, or just because it looked interesting. here's the list:

  1. th scroll of th war of th sons of light and th sons of darkness. - yadin
  2. storm warning - billy graham
  3. seeing children, seeing god: a practicl theo of childrn & poverty - pamela couture
  4. mapping paradise: a history of heavn on earth - scafi (bL 540 s23, size 2)
  5. salvation & suicide (jonestown) - chidester - bp 605 p46 c48
  6. shaman's path - doore
  7. techgnosis: myth, magic, & mysticism in th info age - davis
  8. maría's metaphysical anthropology - lópez-morillas
  9. dharma art - trungpa
  10. postmetaphysical thinkin - habermas
  11. th voyage of no return: ibn arabi - addas
  12. talks on beelzebub's tales - bennett
  13. soul, body, and survival: essays on th metaphysics of human persons - corcoran
  14. godlust: facing th demonic, embracing th divine - walters
  15. drones, clones, & alpha babes: retrofitting star rek's humanism, post 9/11 - relke
  16. those preachin' women - mitchell
  17. th eschat econ: time & th hospitality of god - knight
  18. fr th healing of nations. th bk of revelation in an age of cultural conflict - gonzalez
  19. shoes tht fit our feet: srcs fr a constructive blk theo - hopkins
  20. why r we deaf to th cry of th earth? - mcdonagh
  21. th hum: call & response in af-amer preachng - crawford
  22. cognitive neuroscience: th biology of th mind - qp 360.5 g39 2002
  23. th cherry tree - ikeda/wildsmith (pz 7 m4784133, size 2)
  24. discover yr conflict mgmt style - leas
  25. th bible frm scratch: a lightning tour from gen-rev - jenkins
  26. th power of th poor in history - gutierrez
  27. pendle hill pamphlet #289: quakers & hindus - bx 7615 p39 v.280-289
  28. tattooed walls - (size 2) nd 2638 n4 r67
  29. th origins of om manipadme hum -studholme
  30. th doctrinal theo of th evangelical luth chrch - heinrich schmid
  31. my ministry - goodell - bx 8333 g6 m88
  32. blasphemy: art that offends - (size 2) n 72 r4 p53
  33. reviving ophelia: saving th selves of adolescent girls - pipher
  34. imagery of lynching - apel
  35. jesus' strayegy fr social xformation - nacpil - bx 8349 s65 n33
  36. *distributive justice - rescher
  37. th faith of 50 million: basebal, relig, & amer culture - evans/herzog
  38. purity & danger - douglas
  39. a thoughtful soul: refl frm swedenborg: bx 8711 a7 d65
  40. th art of crossing cultures - storti
  41. dirt, undress, & diff: crit persp's on th body's surface - masquelier
  42. th elem forms of relig life - durkheim
  43. an alternative future fr america II - hn 65 t44 1970 - theobald
  44. institution of th xtian relig - calvin
  45. history & th triune god - moltmann
  46. thbible tells me so: uses & abuses of holy scripture - hill/cheadle
  47. bible of th oppressed - tamez
  48. th psychology of relig - bL 53 p825
  49. homo deva: evolution's next step - belknar
  50. mass leisure - larrabee
  51. money & power - ellul
  52. colour & healing - mayer - rm 840 m39
  53. elecric liturgy - benson
  54. a psych study of relig conversion - jones
  55. dostoevsky's concept of sporitual rebirth - khrapovitsky
  56. xtianity, poverty & wealth - taylor
  57. our pro-socialist churches - bx 6 f4 j65
  58. basic principles of monastic spirituality - merton
  59. th interrogation of joan of arc - sullivan
  60. th intrareligious dlg - bL 87 p26
  61. th queer god - marcella althaus-reid
  62. radhakrishnan: th profile of a universalist - b 5134 r34 h3
  63. i am that - muktananda
  64. th god that failed (on soviet communism) - hx 59 c75 1963
  65. th muqaddimah: an intro to history - ibn khaldun (xlated frm arabic)
  66. *fritz eichenberg: works of mercy - ne 1112 e32 a4
  67. three essays on universal law: karma, will & love - singer
  68. agnosis: theo in th void - pattison
  69. realist xtian theo in a po-mo age - patterson
  70. *ethics: th fundamentals - driver
  71. parables fr our time - oldenhage
  72. th homiletical plot: th sermon as narrative art form - lowry
  73. put on yr own oxygen mask first: redscovering ministry - easum

lyrics: from "the ridge" by Information Society,
Now she's walking slowly onward
Through the garden you can't know
Her dance so beautiful so twisted
A spinning madness in the snow

She's got a black hole in there with her
She's got the sun all in there too
They're her partners in her eternal dance
She's not aware of time moving past her
She's not aware of getting any further

She walks the ridge
So glassy sharp
You can't find her now
You can't speak to her now

colors: green and gray, with rainbows.

mood: psychically crushed, but surviving

chant/prayer/mantra: bring it on, but not just yet please.

pax hominibus,


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