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Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Some Artwork

As I was preparing my powerpoint presentation for class, I realized that since it was a class about "arts ministry," I really wanted to have more personalized slides than the templates, so I scanned in a bunch of my art from about a decade ago, to use as backgrounds. I haven't drawn a whole lot since, but I've had next to nada for those types of mystical experiences the last few years either.

Anyway, over the course of the next several blogs, I'll probably toss a picture in here and there, so you, dear reader, will have something to look forward to here.

Note that it really isn't too difficult to use any image as a background in a .ppt, you just need to resize it large enough so it goes out to the edges on all sides (if that's yr aesthetic), and push the image behind the text by right-clicking and choosing Order->Send to Back. Also, since yr not using a solid color background, be sure to use appropriately colored typeface, with a shadow or glow if available.

Anyway, here's the first pic.

It's called PTF Study #1.

PTF is short for "Prismatic Tambourine Factory." It's where halos are made. Don't ask me why halos would be made to sound or look like tambourines, I just work here, or rather, used to work there. :)

I do wonder, however, what is going on inside of that shack. I guess that's why I'm in seminary?

lyrics: In the CD-changer right now: Marvin Gaye's greatest, Eurythmics greatest, The Smiths - The Queen is Dead, Lullaby Baxter Trio - Capable Egg, and Gene Autry's greatest. Choosing from them for today: "Love is a Stranger" by the Eurythmics.

"And love love love

Is a dangerous drug
You have to receive it
And you still cant
Get enough of the stuff
Its savage and its cruel
And it shines like destruction
Comes in like the flood
And it seems like religion"

colors: whatever comes out of the tube. i guess i learned something a few years back about toothpaste watching an artist get paint onto his palette. he was near the end of the tube, and I guess I never realized you could still squeeze so much paste/paint out after it seems "empty." I bet theres about an ounce of toothpaste wasted per person per year. This guy actually used a vice-grips to get the last of the paint out. While paint can be WAY more expensive than toothpaste, its also not used quite as ubiquitiously, so those numbers add up. Let me pull up the calculator: one ounce per person times ~50,000,000 Roman Catholic practitioners in America is over 3 million pounds or 1,500 TONS of toothpaste wasted per year just in that little segment of the world's population. I suppose there are more important justice issues to be taken care of first, but this one fits on the list somewhere. First, let's see how we can use what's left of democracy in America to declare the Bush administration to be operating in bad faith, and have a recall election forthwith. BTW, I never did quite follow how they were able to ramrod a recall election through against Gov Gray Davis in California. Can someone enlighten me there?

mood: sleepy.

chant/prayer/mantra: "ere thrice the sun hath done salutation to the dawn..."

pax hominibus,

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