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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


notes from th beat saoshyant to the new x : what to tell yr audience


tell the world, tell the wind, tell the women, tell the men.

"this is what i'd do if i was in yr situation," (with a little bit of nice slow 'n easy bass and jazz trap set beating out a slow and easy-groovy tempo...)
and then see what it says back for yrself -- both as yr personal director, and also as a benevolent dictator fr th gaia.

yr conception of the nature of divinity is yr message about the model of the metaphor, for how you are attached to creation.

give a benevolent dictation

when yr angel writes books to you, all you need do is listen.
if that's the case, write it, spill it like wine with a fine time
and fine dining, casual dress.

kiss th wrld,
with words of strength and compassion,
reassurance, accuracy, and the ultimate passion.
wave monopoly money in the air, land on GO!,
ask "how's $$$ work?", say "it's so?"

so remember, lightning strikes when universal compassion rears its lovely head and asks "what's up?" to a silent cold-compassioned plutocracy.
kiss with compassion, acknowledge yr station,
hug 'em up and down, until yr knees get a good workout

do yr yoga,
kiss yr sister
wherever you find her
tell her you've missed her.
tell them all..."'The Divinity' says hello hello hello..."
drink a little wine
drink in a puff
say enough for a while, and move on.

tell the ladies that they're so very lovely, "let's walk and hold hands. no i know i don't know you yet, but you should know i'm an honorable man or gentlewoman when holding hands.
i just want to hold your hand. tell the ladies to start running things, they'd do such a better job, and its

tell the guys that they're so very handsome, "have a brewski, or martini, or whatever it is guys like you drink nowadays in the earliest part of the mid 21st century C.E."
we'll have a barbecue,
like hank hill, or norm from cheers, or terry bradshaw
we'll go bowling, like lebowski, or go skiing, skydiving, weightlifting maybe,
or we could retrieve our sense of being males with honor and dignity,
and feel as if being the universal good guy may be actually possible again one day.

kiss the curtain,
set upon the place like a flood from within a matchhead.
hear the beatniks, the dadas, the hippies, the 70's stoners, the punks, gothic lolitas, new waves, no waves, the recently retro, the angels, and all,
all waiting so loudly while the world keeps on spinning

some say, "just a pack of matches in an angel's pocket,"
well nothing could be closer to the truth my friend.
"christ alive," someone whispers, a sound like thunder.
and then everybody looks all serious and gives a gesture like the finger,
and then laughs erupt like another flood

oh 'n go ahead and write down the seven thunders:*
(*pick up from where revelation chapter 10 left off. i'm serious. no actually, i'm totally not serious. no seriously, i'm serious. i'm not serious, really. seriuosly.)

the first, the thunderous flood of (un)anticipated laughter within this and the previous verse

the second, a flood of thunderous laughter out of nervousness that we've reached the eschaton, the now.

the third, the flood of sound like thunder at the recognition of reality as consentual somehow.

the fourth, the flood of sound like thunder at the thought of reality as becoming merely conceptual somehow, with nothing visceral to speak of at all.

the fifth, the mighty flood of sound of all in all arm in arm, exclaming "we are!" in unison every weekend.*
(*why not assign two days every week to be sabbath, so we remember to take weekends off?)

the sixth, the silent weeping in remembrance of the dishonourable behavior in humanity's history that we now're seekin' to bejeezus to avoid.

seventh, the giant beatific sweepingingly dreamy dream in honor of, oh... dream up your own, something for joy. a picnic in late-May maybe.

okay, oh, and wish them all to enjoy their weekend, to love their neighbor, and to be kind.
listen to lullabye baxter trio.

pax hominibus,
agape to everyone,

Once in a while, the time will come
To surrender everything you have to give
Once in a while, the time will come
To surrender everything you have to give
-Flaming Lips, "Superhumans"

Enlightenment means choosing to dwell in the state of presence rather than in time. It means saying yes to what is.
-Eckhart Tolle

All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final.
-Hypatia of Alexandria

Wow. you took my breath away with that, J. beautiful.
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