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Wednesday, November 8, 2006


A Necessary Clarification on "Damnation" and "Salvation"


This post is going to be about why what happened in Arizona last night (the voters there successfully defeated that state's proposed amendment to deny rights to people who are attracted to others of the same sex) is necessarily exemplary of the future.

From my glossary:
damnation – the act of causing something or someone to diminish in energy or to no longer be in existence

salvation – the process by which a spirit or material item in the world is salvaged, or its existence is continued or given greater energy

Given those definitions, when something or someone is damned, it is to cease to exist, or be greatly diminished in power. For Earth to turn into Heaven, there are certain spirits and practices that MUST fall by the wayside. Those who create human laws that discriminate unnecessarily against others MUST be no more.

Does this mean that the people who vote to keep same-sex couples from having equal rights will physically have a trap door appear under them and they'll disappear? With several million people denied rights in 7 states last night, many might wish the trapdoor scenario on them, I certainly hope that doesn't happen.

My plan is that the unloving teachings, and the people who have been following them, will change - not just their opinions, but their very self-identities. The current Christian identity that caused this travesty will become a memory fading in the distance, and those left behind with the old Christian identity will stand out like a sore thumb. Because our collective salvation depends on it, Christianity WILL change, and will wonder how they made a mistake like this.

In the meantime, some people are suffering.

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