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Tuesday, November 7, 2006


God Damn Homo-hating Christians in Wisconsin and Elsewhere

Okaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy............. Yep. Today at the polls, a majority of the voters in Wisconsin (my old home state) passed an amendment written to severely abridge the freedoms of some people in their state.

Most of those who voted Yes to the question "Shall section 13 of article XIII of the constitution be created to provide that only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state and that a legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state?" did so because they believe their Christian faith calls on them to do so. Then again, perhaps the problem is that there was a bit of confusion about this amendment proposal (click here, and search on "wording confusion". E.g. - "I voted yes. Was that right? The way it was set up was very confusing. But a friend of mine told me to vote 'yes.' ")

I have some very good friends committed to each other for the long-term whose lives together are going to be strongly impacted in a very negative way, because of the section in red above. To me, these friends exhibit the values of Christ in a way that millions of voters don't understand. In fact, I'd dare say that one of my friends has more Christ in her pinky finger than some Christian churches I've been to, but if you ask her about it, she'd just be all salty about it.

I looked Jesus in the face a few minutes ago, and He just looked away, but I couldn't tell whether it was because of shame or disgust.

"I'm still waiting, yeah, I'm still waiting, and I'm still waiting...
Until REAL Christmas arrives,
With REAL Christians,
With light in their eyes."
-Personal, Unreleased

colors: Red, White, Bluish

mood: mixed. it's nice that the accelerator will be pressed down slightly less now that the the House has flipped over, but I have a feeling that we're going to have another Diebold-influenced (or other unchecked vote-fraud-affected) close race in Missouri, Virginia, or Montana, and we know what that means.... My prediction: one of the three last Senate seats goes to a republican and it's contested, but upheld by the supreme court (or corporate pressure via the media). That makes the senate 50 dems and 50 repubs, and would make Dick Cheney the deciding vote on any partisan split votes. Imagine Dick Cheney getting to be the deciding vote on whether he and Bush get the impeachment vote, for example. And given the recent history on recusal when conflict of interests arise, Cheney would not recuse himself, and vote himself a raise instead, via handouts to his favorite energy corporations. I am not sure if I'm sorry about being so pessimistic.

Cheney!!! (Remember to turn off those lights around the house, friends.) BTW, when I was a boy scout, the first achievement award I earned was the Conservation Skill Award.

chant/prayer/mantra: To clarify, my definition of the word "damn" is different than many others. I'll explain it in full detail sometime, but don't jump to any conclusions about what I mean by that title above. But if you're the type that's worried about God damning you, perhaps sweating for a little while might be just what the doctor ordered.

pax hominibus, (eventually!!!)

Luckily it's the house that has the power to impeach - all it not lost on that front. the whole same sex marriage thing nationally was a disgrace, but that battle has just begun. we can't give up yet.
There's been a war going on for a some time against us queer folks. Yesterday in Wisconsin, in no uncertain terms, an official declartion was made on me, and my tribe.
Because of the Bible. Because people pick and choose the rules to suit their own blind need to hate. Because Christians want me to curl up and die.
Next person that even says the words Jesus or God around me is going to get a swift kick down a long flight of stairs.
Tell me again why we need organized religon in this world, Joel? Because it's pretty hard to see from where I am that it's got any value at all the way it's being used. All it's done in my life is tell me I'm either going to hell or Satan's stepdaughter.
Funny, I didn't even ask for gay marraige, or a civil union, but here I am, a scapegoat and a very handy scare tactic.
Fuck it, I want pie. And coffee. And a new gun cleaning kit.
New rule:
If you follow any bible rule, you have to follow them all.
I'll throw the first burning bible at the apostates, can I please?
sweet ellie, i am so sorry they've been doing this to you.

i'd say 'forgive them sister, for they know not what they do,' (and i do believe that they DON'T know what they're doing), but i have a strong feeling that with this recent swift kick in the soul yesterday, you're not likely to be in a forgiving mood any time soon.

i'll keep working on them, and i promise not to mention either of those entities around you ('exceptin' for on this blog) until after it's all fixed.

and i do think your rule holds water. to all christians who use the bible as a source of your action, i call on you to be wholly consistent:

1. no touching footballs or any sports equipment made of pigskin
2. no eating bacon, pork, sausage, or ham shank
3. no lying with a man the way you're "supposed to" lie with a woman
4. no lying with a woman the way one would conceivably lie with a man. (okay that one's not in there, but it's certainly *implied* -- tough luck, you doggie-stylers)
5. ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS. put them on your refrigerator at home, and memorize them. If you send your sons (and daughters) out to war, you send them out to SIN.
6. Love your neighbor!
6a. Don't do until others what you wouldn't want done to you. (note this is different than 'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you' -- it's EASIER)
7. If someone affronts you, stand there and offer them an opportunity to affront you again. In other words, be peaceable, in an assertive fashion, with faith that things are going to work out.
8. No shellfish. Most sushi is out.

ellie, if you catch anybody screwing up any of these, you have my blessing to ask them for their bible and burn it, but only once you start following #2 above. hahahahahaha.

sorry didn't mean to laugh -- this issue actually is serious. please know that i value and hold your anger with me.

love you!
I ain't turning any cheeks, that's for damn sure. All it does it get me slapped or beat down.
Feel free to say Jesus or God, it's your blog, and I know you're mostly on my team.
There's nothing like being connected with god. And no organized reliegon will ever want you to be talking to her without being the middleman, taking your money and telling you what to do.
It's been a bad week, that's for sure. But these things pass.
"(and i do believe that they DON'T know what they're doing)"

Trust me, they do know what they're doing. They planned it, raised money, paid lobbyists and pushed it in every church that would push it. Even the most ugly of churches, the Catholic church. On the level that the organizers work, it's about hate and manipulating fear for power's sake.
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