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Friday, October 27, 2006


IDEA: set your ipod to external shuffle.

in essence, each person gets an ipod. yes, every human being should have a decent mp3 player, but food, clothing, shelter, safety, for everyone first. (ipods are nice, but they still have a ways to go before they're ready for prime-time, imo).

on that ipod, they'll each have say, 100,000 songs, set to shuffle. for each song's record in the onboard database, iTunes can link up with the mothership/server to download user ratings for each database-record. then you hit shuffle, and your songs will play with a weighted shift toward the ones others have voted positively on. whenever you hear songs, you can mod it up or down, or neutral. the next time you link up yr ipod to itunes, it will send back your votes, which then are returned to influence others.

however, just like today's arstechnica article on electronic voting shows, here the voting on songs/messages had better be stone-cold secure from corruption. otherwise, imagine a world where Hank Mohaski has hacked into the mothership secure-voting database and spreads his playlist like a virus. Oooh! N-no!!!

pax hominibus,

PS - come to ACIDplanet radio, (choose among genres if you like) and click "Play Chart" to listen to the latest homespun hits!
(you may need to install a media player if you have an older operating system.)

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