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Friday, January 6, 2006


Sorry for the Hiatus

music: parable of the light by yours truly. i've finished up a rough version of this song for a class, and have been listening to it a few times every day to find where i can bring improvements for the next version. with listening to it so much, it is kind of stuck in my head, which for once i guess is a good thing. it's in e major.

colors: green gray green

mood: oh pretty good. just got back from sf, watching sex in the city with some new ffriends through steph. i'm learning how to use my new phone, since the old one got lost. losing that phone, plus a couple other bad happenings (brakes on the car, my inner right hip, in the labral region kinda felt like it was tearing, ick, but thankfully seems to have healed) kind of shook up my alignment a bit, bbut now that i'm a few pages into the phone manual, i may learn how to communicate in style again.

thoughts: i was walking maggie the other day for a "full montecito", which means we go all the way around a fairly long block and then back home, and i noticed that there were a whole lotta conifer trees laying between the sidewalk and the street for the garbagers to take away. today on our full montecito, i saw them again, and thought about how many of these trees get killed every year to celebrate the birth of jesus. i'm sure He'd be thrilled to know that in 2005 america, there are probably on the order of 50,000,000 trees killed and thrown on the curb every year in His honor. This year, after some cajoling, i capitulated and got us a tree, albeit only about 3'6", and we set it on the table. i think i'm going to try and keep tree-buying down to about once/decade going forward, or perhaps think up a creative alternative.

oh, here's a picture of our cat, sid, which is short for siddhartha.

It may look like he's throwing dice, but really, he's just licking his paw. And it's not photoshopped, it actually was a bright bright bright sunny day here this afternoon.

Speaking of the Buddha, hey, JD thanks for the really cool postcard. I'm going to stick it up in the kitchen or the studio (next to the lenticular poodle perhaps) this weekend, and am looking online right after this to see if I can find more like that. Just found some. Here's another set of cool sidewalk art optical illusions.

surrounded by light.

pax hominibus,

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