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Monday, December 19, 2005


melvins, adventure, laundry

music: melvins - fantomas, the track at the end where they just have a mic on when they meet up with this totally high guy and he goes on and on and then sings is stunningly beautiful - "i was gonna go have an earthquake.... i'll tell you what i'll go get a harmonica and a couple of lyrics and i'll blow you away.... was the sky good for a while?"

colors: reddish peach, blue, gray, black

mood: relaxed

thoughts: i'm supposed to be doing laundry, but i decided to play a flash game of adventure at the new link to the left. it's uncanny how close it is to the original, but a bit sad that the lower maze and the white castle are missing, and no bats, and no bridge. also, there's a bug that made my objective a bit more difficult -- namely if you drag something to a spot in the blue labyrinth, and go to retrieve it from another view of the same screen, it doesn't show up. as a result, getting the black key up through the labyrinth without killing the green dragon first proved to be a bit difficult and i got eaten a few times. otherwise, it would've been easier to use the magnet or the bridge.

my goal was to conquer all three of the dragons in the large courtyard part of the blue labyrinth. then when I went to win using the alternate method of bringing the chalice up to the far corner of the yellow palace page, and then using the magnet to attract the chalice into the gate, it didn't work like in the old game. also, since the white castle is missing, there's no way to get the chalice up into the upper part of the yellow palace and pull it straight down with the magnet.

i am such a nerd. anyway, i'm trying to compose a song about dragons for a class, so getting in touch with them.

relax, and do laundry.

pax hominibus,

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