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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Some new things to do, to open your mind

music: Gumby and Pokey

colors: Green and Orange

mood: Goofy

thoughts: A lot of good mind-expanding exercises here.

I just found this nice bit:
"Every decision you make in life is based on your belief system. To open your mind, start to list your fundamental beliefs, and for each one ask yourself why you believe it. Then ask yourself whether you could imagine being you if you didn't exactly believe it any more, but believed something marginally different. Then marginally different from that. Pick a belief a week and work at it. If you are feeling really brave, and have a really good friend, ask them what they believe. Discuss how they acquired their beliefs. Understand this - your belief system is absolutely unique to you. Your friend's belief system is unique to them. An open mind can see issues using many different perspectives - adopting many different belief systems as the lens to view the issue."

And here's another on keeping your mind sharp...
Gumby walking through walls today.

I wonder to what degree Aardman Animations and other claymationists consider Art Clokey as an influence.

pax hominibus,

GREAT link to the Wiki-How page. Thanks!
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