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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Watching Young and the Restless with My Favorite Mother-in-law

Today I am going to go to Ikea and Ace, and also a lumber store to set up a shelf for the computer and keyboard, plus get a few small hardware parts for around the apartment. Need to get some wheels for the shelf since computers and music equipment tend to require plugging in innumerate cables, which is a super pain in the ass to get behind to hook up.

On as the world turns, they're going to have a baby-switching scenario yet again.

OK, here's the young and the restless:

"I mean, you just looked a little loneesome"

"just waiting for my daughter"

"well talk to you later"

"don't be a stranger"

hi. hi mommy. hi sweetie. what are you thinking about? work?

mommy, i heard some big kids talking. you know the boy who was in the car when they had that accident? they say he's going to have a ttrial, and could be in a lot of trouble? what will they do to him if it IS his fault? did he hurt cassie on purpose. nope, it was just a sad misttake. you are such an angel.... no, not really. if i was i could make cassie come back. let the adults worry about the big stuff. baby, be careful alright. don't run, walk slowly.

people, these are very diffficult times. you haven't had to put up with this woman. i have. where do you get off? you butt in where you don't belong. ...instead of getting into my face about mine... wait a minute, i didn't start this. do your son a favor and stop making it look like you come froma long line of arrogant loudmouths who have no respect for the court room. .... it's ahot day, christine relax, you're going to pop an artery. jack... w

why don't i fix us some lungh? i ca'nt eat right now. affter richard was asking all those questions about cassie, it just makes me sick... it's obvious that she isn'tt a real person to him.. could he have been more condescending to you. actually, i thought the da was pretty gentle with me. nick the whole time iwa s up there under oath, i didn't know if iwas telling the truth or not. i appreciate the passion that you're both bringing to this. end of stofy. yes, tell them i'll be right there. there's something i need to take care of so i trust you two will work this out between yourselves. that was classic man. nice try. it's obvious you're trying to do an end run around me. you want to start a war with me. yo'ure not going to win. neal, you havve some issues witth me. we both want the same thing here -- newman enterprises success. are you sure? have a good day.

now, time ffor a commmercial. a hispanic woman on a bus. a kid in a laundryman. a fat man in a swimsuit. a rural woodcutting woman. merck--where patients come first.

we all wish for good health. if you're not taking caltrate, you may be coming up short. caltrate, for bone and colon health.

alavvert, try it free.

werthers: here at the home of werthers, we make our smoothe creamy candies.... the candy for someone very special.

he doesn't like to wait for results, i don't like to wait. one touch ultra.

this year, count on offfice depot for back to school s upplies. office depot, taking care of business.

the young and the restless will continue.

tv's next great thriller, criminal minds. go inside the mind of a criminal. i'm an insomniac who listens to metallica. what song could possibly speak to me. enter sandman.

news: escalating violence in mideast. another air disaster where a jetliner goes down.

l.a. weight loss 1.800.526.slim free consultations.

prop 78 doctors decide. is supported by doctors, paiitent groups, and pharmaceutical companies. yes on prop 78.

early edition on cbs five

threshold fridays this fall.

young and the restless. nobody does it better.

FIUNALLY back to this show.

what am i supposed to do. my dealer is gone? what are you doing, are you tricking me? who asked you to? who asked you to do any of this? if that's how youwant it? wait. you better not be dragging me to no rehab. i promise you mom, i'll take you to someplace you like. ok?

if he wasn't phyllis' son, if he wasn't accused of... i know you'd like him. he isn't guilty. i know you wish there was somme evidence that would prove him innocet... no, you don't know that. as long as i'm your mother on the face of this earth, you will havenoothihg to do with daniel. i want you to focus, and do something positive for you. i'll try. do you mean that or are you just giving me lip service. maybe its just finally starting to sink in. you know i do actulaly listen every onec in a while. i know you only want what's best for me. that's right sugar, i only wnat what's best for you. ytou know, if mpommy didn't have to go to work right now, i would sit here all day and talk to you. thank god you listend. i hope you have some perspective. i love you. i love you too.

all you need ia a little bit of dna and a high tech gadget.

dang, my fingers are now real ttired. i don't typically type that fast, and of course trying to kkeep up with the breakneck pace that they throw the daytime cliches out the CRT, i'm bound to be full up on errors.

hope you enjoyed your daytime soap fix.


ps, more commmercials:
lysol destroys tough rust stains, leaving the bowl sparkling clean. life demands lysol.

snoring man and dog. raiding the fridge, and then some vanilla falls. dreyers dibs. have fun with them. the next little thing in ice cream.

i love being the age i am. i don't want to look it. introducing advanced radiance from ocvver girl. east breasy beautiful covergirl.

kmart, this week only.

dogs. we're for puppies, wet nose, warm belly wagging tail. we're for playing, romping, gnawing, a cardbboard box in the corner, a good long nap. pedigree dog food.

introducing johnson's softwash. leaving you feeling baby soft all day. little diff between your skinn and your baby's.

scott peterson, killers. close to home, tuesdays this fall. on cbs.

now, back to the show.... :)

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