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Thursday, July 14, 2005


What was your first reaction on 9/11?

The actual link of the day I was originally trying to get to when I came across this ugly bit (not related to the WTC attack, but I initially thought it was)...

I was just waking up in the morning when it came on the radio, and I actually chuckled, thinking "we've deserved this for quite some time", but then as it began to unfold, I was mortified.

These were real people dying. It really doesn't matter whether they were investment bankers or cooks or the dalai lama. No one should deserve to die like that. As the next few days went on, I was further mortified when I saw the Bush admin eyeing up their cards to play and how they could leverage this to their advantage, PR-wise.

If only we'd known that it would lead to an unrelated war that would undermine any semblance of international friendliness on the part of the USA, a curtailment of liberty here at home, and abusive chest-thumping on the part of people wearing their flag-shirts, things would've turned out almost exactly the same. :(

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