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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Fox takes over == icky

colors: light blue, dark blue and green

mood: out of energy. i went to yoga for the first time in three weeks and really pushed myself, and now i'm sore.

kind or unkind thought for the day: i'm gettin tha fizzuck outta

Just the idea that words that I've written could be owned by Rupert Murdoch/News Corp/Fox makes me shudder with distaste.

Here's the stuff I'd posted there in my personal bio under "Interests and Personality" (Fortunately I only got through about 20% of the fields there before I ran out of time/energy, and haven't been back since), but am gonna erase it in hopes they don't dig through the archives:

Headline: I'm all about love, compassion, good & bad spirits.

About me: I am a seeker. I am shy until I get to know people. I want to love everybody, and I will not be happy until everyone is happy. I have a mission in life that drives me, but I haven't figured out all fo the things I need to know, and haven't done all of the things I need to do. Still a few checkpoints for me (in Eastern religion, they're called 'paramitas'). I have been in touch with angels and devils, many of both still with me -- sometimes I feel like a collector.

I am working toward being a Unitarian Universalist minister, but I'm not sure if that is going to be exactly my bag yet. I know we fit pretty well though, so I'm looking forward to school now.

In addition, I enjoy collecting The Onion (, and any pennies or coins that I find on the ground or around. See "confessions of a penny-planter". I believe pennies represent angels, and that witch=angel=star. I guess that last bit is kind of new age, but that's what tangents can do for you. I am very in touch with what truly makes up reality, and with what I've made up to augment it a little (for the better, I believe).

I am in love with my wife Stephanie, and also to a degree, several of the ladies I've met in my short life. Being polyamorous by nature, I really don't think I can (or ought to try to) help that, but Steph and I are true soulmates, so she's patient with me for my weakness, and very understanding of my condition. She has been my 'nurse with band-aids' when I needed one most -- every part of my body, mind, and spirit was in pain and I knew it, then she came along and has been helping to fix me up ever since. I guess it was mutual, as she's told me I came along in her life right when she needed me. I want us to be together forever.

Anyway, I'm much in love with her. I love the universal female spirit, though also identify with the male side as well. It's not easy not to be attracted, because the female mind, body, and spirit are beautiful things.

Oh I was supposed to talk about me. I have demons too. I have a "mint" "fetish", for example. And I have a fascination with extreme female forms (fat, skinny, short, tall,muscley, very hourglass, big nose, big head, etc), though I feel conscious-stricken for indulging in a state of objectification. (As noted earlier, I just don't get too riled up about the male form. C'est la vie.)

Oh, I have a Christ complex. It has been hell to wrestle with, since there are so many nutjobs out there who have them, and I'm waiting to prove whether it's real or I'm just another nut. Either way, its a heavy burden whether carrying it for real or carrying it for naught. I guess it'd be my choice to go for it, but I don't think of Christ in the same way that the miracle-believers do. If I were Christ, I wouldn't exactly be walking on water or raising people from the dead, except in a figurative sense. In a way it sucks because if this place didn't need fixing up, I'd rather be living plainly and simply, going about my business following my bliss in other directions as well.

I did get an opportunity to meet the devil his own bad self -- at least he thought he was. He was a coke using buddy of mine from almost a decade ago with crazy purple and green hair and a double-pierced tongue, in a rage-rock band. (I am not making that up.) I never really tried coke, since I know what its effects would've been on me. I licked the tiniest amount possible off of a credit card once and knewinstantly that it's effects and addiction would be ten times more nasty than caffeine (which is another demon, of which I've been pretty free lately thank the heavens).

I try to be a vegetarian, but fail miserably. I can't give up the idea of having a gyro, bratwurst, pepperoni pizza, beef jerky, or thick-sliced bacon on rare occasion. I wish there was a way to make synthetic versions, so the animals could live free. I LOVE scrambled eggs, so doubt I'll ever be a true Vegan either.

Speaking of, I try to figure out what everyone has inside their head, which isn't as easy as it sounds. One of my singer friends, I thought she had yogurt. Another friend, a cook at a pizza place, I thought he had red thumbtacks. Me, I think I likely have scrambled eggs. Humpty-dumpty, but still I carry on just as the compass points north and a bobber floats to the surface.

I'd like to meet: Jesus, Gandhi, Lou Reed, Carson McCullers. PJ Harvey, Louise Post, Tanya Donnelly, Kirsten Hirsch, Annie Lennox, Elizabeth Frazier, Martin Sheen, Virginia Hey, Allyson Hannigan, Mira Sorvino. Thurston Moore, Kim Deal, Wayne Coyne, Maynard James Keenan, Al Jourgensen, Timothy Leary, William S Burroughs, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Paul Wellstone, Condoleeza Rice, Thomas Jefferson, Joan of Arc, and countless others.

starpower: random thurstons

chant/prayer/mantra: om mani padme hum

a fran-style bus hug to ya,

You may be asking what's a Fran-style bus hug? If I get around to it, I'll address later.

It is icky, and the more I think about it, the ickier it seems. I'm creating a blog over here, but I'm going to keep my myspace profile in a stripped down form because I have a few friends on there that are really cool. But I'm going to try to get them to clear out too and join me somewhere else. Fox. Ick.
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