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Thursday, July 14, 2005


Related to the last post, but should be kept separate

Timothy Leary, in a book called "The Game of Life", introduces the idea of "Futants," who are able to live in the present with a memory of the future.

For that reason, combined with being able to foresee the actions of the last few years and perhaps the next few years, I feel so sorry for them right about now. Just as I feel sorry for any fully enlightened buddha beings, unless they are able to successfully escape to the greater now.

While we're on the topic of Tim Leary, I was thinking about something he said in "The Game of Life" about people who are so unique that they know they must be unique. Those people are called "Singularities" in a similar sense to black holes. They have a key within their mind with a passport between worlds. If I can find the book before I move I'll edit this post to include his exact definition; otherwise mine probably paraphrases sufficiently.

While doing a search on Timothy Leary, Unique and Singularity, I came across a couple other things worth mentioning: check this page of a church that works in alignment with what I intend to bring into existence, and this page, for an event that could possibly save us from these "47 ways that the world could end", as long as we don't get 'borged', or someone with ill-intent gets there first.

If all this freaks you out or gets you down, be sure to remember the Lonely Rolling Star song (lyrics a couple posts ago), and keep getting your 'peace out' on.

And whatever you do, don't lump me in with Tim. I may've gone there, but knew enough to keep my tether, thank you very much.


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