May I let my voice be a clarion call. I will use these words for justice. I will use these words for truth. And humour.

Monday, August 1, 2005


check out this public anonymous confessional

colors: yellow and cardboard brown

mood: tired, uninspired, and wanting to procrastinate

kind or unkind thought for the day: some candles can't be lit just by holding a match to them, either because they're wide cylindrical and the wax bowl at the top is too deep, or because the wick is pretty short. You need to pick them up and turn them o their side to properly light. I like to think, for today at least, that the world may be like that as well.

starpower: 2.0 thurstons, been listening to an old mixed tape while packing boxes (named "MTP" - sttands for Ministtry then Pixies, and if you're wearing any clothing with MTP on it, you have a license to kill, in that special Bob Dobbs' eyeball near-optimum lethality kind of way)

chant/prayer/mantra: If its round it rolls.

BTW, Hooty Canoe this year was a blast. Thanks to everyone who helped make it so fun.

bus hugs,

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