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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Sterling software for generating fractals

colors: grey brown grey brown grey brown grey

mood: i don't know why i slept so restlessly last night but i did

kind or unkind thought for the day: sometimes when i need a reset, i spend a little time making fractals. sterling, the program linked to from the title, is pretty easy to use, and makes a pretty wide variety of fractals. some day, when a.i. rules the day, all logic will look like this (humans likely won't be able to follow it, but at least it'll be pretty and awe-inspiring):

starpower: -1 thurstons

chant/prayer/mantra: taking care of business

Link of the day: Link to Sterling link page.


Woah....very far out. When A.I. rules the earth? Damnit. That was *my* evil plan.
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