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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Question for Industry Leaders regarding the profit motive and the new robotic workforce

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kind or unkind thought for the day: As more of the workforce becomes automated, humans will lose jobs. To industry execs and planners, my question is "Are we going to take advantage of this to make the world a utopia for humans to coexist in peace, with our needs met, or is this just going to be another way for large corporations to make amazing amounts of money while leaving large quantities of people out on the street?" I wonder if this new change will force the hand of capitalism to finally acquiesce to socialist forces. Then again, I don't think the article takes into account everything, including the true cost (raw materials and environmental damage) of making millions of robots....

To find the article I'm referring to click here.

As a side note, I submitted my resume for a part-time job as an admin assistant at the Resurrection Lutheran church a few blocks from our house. Even though (or perhaps because) it's a Lutheran church, I think I'll gain some good experience if I get the position. I wonder what will come of it....

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