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Monday, March 23, 2009


Stunning and Abstract Dream for Justice

What follows are my notes from the wee hours this morning.

I just woke up at 4:00 a.m. after hitting the sack with restless sleep, and had the most stunning anti racist, anti classist justice dream. 

The dream seemed to be set at the Great Dane brewpub, during its grand opening, and also a few years later.  In addition to the beer and restaurant, it was an avant garde speakeasy/burlesque playhouse, as if back in the 1920's.  The play starred an African American man and an African American MTF transsexual in love, and it didn't go over well with everybody in the audience.  As part of the avant garde show, that people were walking by, shaking their heads, including white gay men who were holding hands, because the show had a mixed black couple in love.  I recall the crew joking afterwards, about a socially conservative woman so incensed by the material that the pulled out her hair pin and threw it.  They said, "I've never seen blood run more quickly."  (I'm not sure, was this referring to her withdrawing the pin so quickly and throwing it at the performers that she cut herself, or that she drew blood with the pin?)

Anyway, the playhouse had this awesome back room / green room, that was totally arted up, and I had the job of working on the crew for renovating it a year or so after the play had come and gone, and there was this balcony area on the second level with slats along ropes, that was like the kids' bridges at play-yards, but it was super-dangerous because it had no railing, and slanted downward from the wall, and would send people falling.  When I brought this condition up to mgmt, they said that "Why, it seems like you weren't paying attention back when we wrote the play and showed it.  You've got to wear shoes with better traction."  In my dream, I had been on way too intoxicated during the months of the opening and performances, to remember the details very clearly at all.

And later, I was also waiting tables, as a server.*  The servers at the restaurants were actually justice ministers.  Wow.  There was so much from the play that I had forgotten in the dream.  I remember Sheila and Eric were in the dream.  Agness and David and Bil were in the dream.  And our dog Maggie was part of the play, but she was a show poodle, not a Jack Russell Terrier.

Also, when I was working on the renovation crew some time later (with the scary slat-bridge on the second floor, and other awkward stuff, with nails laying around and drywall bits, as from construction), I recall that the *other side* of the business had a constnat XM-type radio stream going, and we had just somebody flipping old tapes on a tape deck (a tapedeck that didn't even flip the tape), so we had to manually change it every 45 minutes.

Overall, the dream had a very lucid quality to it, so I had to get it down before it faded.

*I still have dreams that I'm waiting tables, probably at least once a month.  I hate them, because when I wake up in the morning, it's like I've been working for eight hours, in a really stressful environment.  I haven't waited tables since 1997, and am still having these dreams twelve years later.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,

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