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Friday, October 17, 2008


California Proposition 8: No

Hello Editor at the San Francisco Chronicle-

I am a heterosexual male seminarian. I have been happily married for nine years.

And I am saddened by Prop 8's intention to make the happiness of marriage an impossibility for certain people, based on the gender of the couple.

My faith tells me that our Creator loves everyone equally, and calls upon us to do likewise in the charge, "Love your neighbor."

To my heart, loving your neighbor means allowing them the same rights we all want for ourselves, including the right to love one another, and not be penalized for that love.

To seek to eliminate rights for one group of people is not morally just, and goes against the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness this country was founded on.

Therefore, I encourage readers to join me in voting No on Proposition 8 in November.

Joel *************

perfect. brief, concise, honest, gentle, and true. so glad you wrote this. such a stupid proposition.
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