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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Election Politics: Eight recent items I've received via email

Mostly regarding Sarah Palin. Note how she's become a lightning rod to distract attention away from McCain's own issues -- I hope the democrats can get back on track soon, addressing the glaring issues that the McCain campaign is trying to sweep under the rug with her introduction.

Tim Wise, author and racial equity activist, has a great piece regarding how white privilege is coming into obvious play in this election cycle, which can be accessed here, here, here, and many other places. (The comments are an enlightening part of the read, which is why I post the link to this article thrice.) In short, I think he does a great job of exposing white privilege writ large, and I'd love to see a more nuanced follow-up, since there are many other types of privilege coming into play in this election as well.

Long-time women's rights activist Gloria Steinem weighs in.

Minnesota talk show host Garrison Keillor weighs in.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra weighs in.

And actor Chevy Chase encourages Tina Fey to go after Ms. Palin with more satire for all she's worth.

Here is a youtube video a few months old that so adroitly exposes that McCain talks out of both sides of his mouth and doesn't even recall what he's said one day to the next, its undeniable. And in a time when the Main Stream Media (MSM) decides not to really get serious about exposing these things, its good to see that this video has over 5 MILLION views. On youtube. 5 MILLION+ viewers.

And finally, McCain gets RickRolled, Obama-style (great editing job, given the likely difficulty of finding footage that fits. For all the problems of the age of photoshop veracities, sometimes, things like this make it almost worth it.

lyrics: Instead of lyrics, here is a brilliant sermon on race by evangelical minister Thabiti Anyabwile. Whether you can deal with, or enjoy, or get past the very strong Christian message, what he has to say about the constructed nature of race is worth your time. "We've organized our identities and our lives based on [a bogus] set of assumptions."

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Is it wrong to vote McCain/Palin simply because I want to see more Tina Fey on tv for the next 4 years?
I think that would certainly turn the principle of double effect on its head, that's for sure!
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