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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Concrescence - a series of discrete atomic events following one another, or a wave traveling along parametric vectors?

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[edit - i will note that the above was while reading about Alfred North Whitehead's thoughts on concrescence, and after reading some dictionary definitions, maybe this word doesn't fit what i was thinking about as well as i'd like. i might still be in search on this hard-to-find word.]

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a friend from the library who is well studied in philosophy recommended that perhaps the word i'm looking for is "emergence". i do like that word a bit better, but really i'm looking for the quality of emergence, without the expectation that the thing "emerging" was already existent below the surface.

to me, its all about the vector of the process in that moment.

perhaps a word like "concremergence" is what i'm looking for, lol.
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