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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Quote regarding the issue of racism in Jena,, ABC Networks, and Michael Baisden


In this and every aspect of your life, you are invited to freely seek (and find) some true and just actions to perform which match yr spirit; and then follow that path.


After studying a little in the fool-footsteps of bawa muhaiyaddeen, i realized that the above words, sent to Michael Baisden through the website's comment field (a very democratic way of communicating on issues)....I realized that those words (actually the ones i sent were slightly less tweaked), those words speak as if directly an expression of the will of God. And multithetically speaking, an expression of the will of Allah, of the Divine, th Creator, the Great Spirit, the Greet Spirit, or the Universe itself, or from some post Big-Collapse (temporally polar opposite bookend to the Big-Bang of "Big-Bang Theory" fame) void. From Brahma emerging from the belly button of Vishnu....

Next, shall I ramble about which things that I believe to be true and just? I probably have already done that a heckuvalot already on this blog, but here's my short-list.

For those interested in concretes:

1. In this world of abundant resources, every human being shall be provided with:
a. an abundance of nutritious food,
b. an abundance of clean fashionable clothing,
c. an adequately-sized piece of space they can call home for as long as they like,
d. love, compassion, care, and concern between neighbors,
e. the opportunity to voice and hear ideas freely through just forms of information exchange,*
f. anything by maslow i may have missed.

2. In this world of necessary labor, every human being shall be responsible for:
a. creating or assisting on projects of positive social and environmental value,
b. producing a "fair share" of goods or services for the benefit of the commonwealth,
c. maintaining an adequate balance between caring for their bodies and enjoying them,
d. developing skills and intelligences through education befitting one's nature.
e. being a full-time respectful steward of the Earth and wherever else humanity gets to.

*specifically i'm speaking here to the Internet, and cable and commercial UHF/VHF airwaves, and to our instructional systems.

Here is the method:
Love and care for self and neighbor.
Trust in self and neighbor.
Assiduously maintain patience.

pax hominibus,
agape to all,


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i really liked 1.f. Indeed, we are on the same page. Again. :)
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