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Friday, May 4, 2007


While we're on the topic of substance...

The most apparent thread of life's spirit moves from pre-substantial through substantial to post-substantial.

(In one of my classes, we're discussing the terms post-colonial and postcolonial in terms of biblical critique, and somehow the pre/post thing came into my mind while still working through the thoughts on substance.)

In other words, the answer to the age old question "Mommy, what happens when we die?" (always a tough question for parents to deal with). Just say "Oh, don't worry honey - you'll become post-substantial." Note that "become" is the future tense of "to be." So once you've become post-substantial, you are post-substantial. In that case, you'll be able to proudly still say "I am," albeit without a substantial tongue. In honor of all of those who are presently post-substantial, and especially those who are presently pre-substantial (who should get top billing, according to the value shown to us by time's arrow), I'll make the claim for them that "they are," and due to the lack of tongue of substance, are presently an oppressed class. Those of us privileged with substance can now step out of the now and allow them the strength of our humble voices.

OK, my work is done here. j/k, hoho.


BTW, speaking of voices, I have been thinking lately about how excited I am to be older. My father has, and my grandfather really had a really nice gravelly voice. When I'm older I hope to do recordings like William S. Burroughs did, but possibly not quite in the same vein.

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