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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


II Thessalonians 2:3-10 made simple

Hello friend.

HERE is the text of Second Thessalonians under examination.

Important considerations:

1. There must be a significant falling away of the church from the truth of The One 'n Only.

2. There is the man/person of lawlessness, exalting oneself over God and the law -- a king who acts according to his will, speaking astonishing things against the God of gods, prospering until the indignation be accomplished (Daniel 11:36).
(Hint, who defies the articles of the Geneva convention, and of the UN charter? Consider that those articles are humanity's best efforts to date of emulating the true law of The One 'n Only.)

3. There is some force making the lies and actions of this lawless person seem normal, restraining us from lifting the veil.

4. As the spirit of Christ reveals itself in glory, the words that issue forth from "His" mouth will reveal the lawless tragedian (not necessarily a human individual -- perhaps a group of conspirators who (believe they) benefit from their lies and their twisting of the law according to their own purposes).

5. The people who were duped -- those following the errant teachings of the apostatic church, and being gullible to the lies of the lawless one(s) -- will feel guilty as if they stand condemned.

6. Those people will repent and acquire the true teachings, including the part about loving your neighbor even if they seem different.

7. Everything works its way toward being hunky-dory.

Okay, enough Bible for now. I feel like a tired salmon swimming upstream when dealing with this stuff.

lyrics: All Melvins, all the time!!

colors: blue-green, black and white

mood: rushed. I have a whole buncha papers to finish up in the next four weeks.

chant/prayer/mantra: energy please.

pax hominibus,

Wrestling with all this anquish over a bunch of stuff written by crazy people two thousand years ago, then re-written by English polticians and King James in the last millenium sure seems like a funny way to spend your time, Joel.
I suspect god does not care one bit about most of this, other than to be amused at human thinking. If there is indeed a god who cares about our little mudball planet.
But if this mentally thick ecclesiactial sludge is something you groove on, by all means, sludge away.
Me, I think Jesus would have shrugged his shoulders, then walked away to go help at the food bank or a Hospice, or would have given some nice sandwiches to some whores, instead of thinking much about Thessalonians, or whome ever. Just reading your post made me think of the whackjob priests in that movie The Name of The Rose.
Hey, how come you never linked to my blog?
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