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Friday, April 6, 2007


Post 4 for today: Shorter Dog Leash

So, my dog ran around too many corners and trees while we've been out on walks, so her 20' leash (one of the ones that rotarily retracts into the handle) started to get really frayed and the protective sheathing was gone. So, I had to cut off about 6 feet of it and tie it with a big knot, so the knot wouldn't get sucked into the handle. She's still getting used to the fact that she can't run 20' ahead of me, so she often she gets yanked, even though I shout "don't pull!" to her right before she's about to clothesline herself, and I try to swing my arm toward her.

Because her system has gotten a bit less capable, she's now got a bit less freedom, unfortunately. Likewise, if there are other dogs and people around, I typically reel her in, so she doesn't jump up at them. (Though it's often a bit comical when they bend down to pet her and she jumps up and bops them in the nose with her own.) If we're walking through a big crowd, or there's a lot of cars around, I pull the leash all the way in.

What I'm getting at with this little post is that as things get more crowded, there's less freedom. As the world population gets more crowded and population areas get more dense, we will have less freedom. If you're standing out in the middle of a farm field at midnight, you're free to do pretty much anything without it infringing on anybody. But if you and your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner were to try and have sex in downtown Tokyo, that would impinge on other people's freedom not to see you doing that, and to have their children not see you. In the middle of the Utah salt flats, you can drive 500 m.p.h. On the other hand, you can barely even change lanes at a crawl on a five-lane freeway, just north of Chicago.

My real point is: If we get our world population down far enough (say 2 billion), we can have more freedom. If America REALLY stands for freedom, let's see you put yr $$$ where your mouth is.

"Rockin' for the One who is the Rock"
Stryper, To Hell with the Devil

colors: bumblebee yellow and black, with kinda a DIO sound going on

mood: slightly better. need to practice some up-dog and cobra. maybe i'm feeling so crappy because i haven't done any yoga for two weeks (usually do it on Friday, but last week was Spring break and this week is Good Friday) and been skipping the gym on account of heavy-duty studying.

"if you follow there may be a tomorrow
but if the offer is shunned you might as well be walkin' on the sun"
Smashmouth, Walking on the Sun.

pax hominibus,

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