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Monday, April 9, 2007 coming along

If you had any doubts about the sincerity of's good intents, they are all but put to rest by this official Google team post, which conveniently doubles as a press release of sorts.

While its usually not good to be entirely trusting and naive about anything, if I had to throw in with any corporate entity, Google might likely be my best bet. A PR-related press release is one thing, but the fact that they are bringing in some heavy-hitters from all sorts of industries says to me that they are serious about making good things happen.

And I find it intriguing that they are looking to hire a team of people who meet some seriously high minimum requirements (advanced econ or public policy degree, mathematical prowess, 15+ or 7+ years experience in the field, depending on the position) to address "Poverty and Sustainable Development" in their business model.

When they're looking for a generalist or a minister, maybe I'll be there.

Though I'm slightly troubled -- only slightly. In one of the job opening requirements, they state, "Our mission is to accelerate growth and positive social impact using market-based, entrepreneurial approaches that promote sustainable economic growth and empowerment." I wonder what if in our present world "sustainable" and "economic growth" don't go together, at least without a lot of twisting and bending? I can see areas of the world where there will definitely *need* to be economic growth in the future, but I hope their model of economic growth is an order of magnitude better than the Dow-Jones-worshiping "Growth-for-growth's-sake" mentality that has been subjecting our world to some pretty futile actions for some time now.

Note that the verse (Amplified Bible)linked to previously states, "nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption [and gain an entrance] into the glorious freedom of God's children." As a Universalist minister, that brings joy to my heart. Once we get a good working defn of "God's children," and elaborate enough so as to bring a well-grounded understanding into the mix, we end up with a declaration that we here on Earth are going to start doing right, and in so doing, transcend the common shackles of humanity that have hounded us for millennia. THAT will be an exciting time. In the meantime, "GO TEAM!"

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