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Thursday, May 4, 2006


Where can I find this part, and why is this forum not posting my posts?

Hello Alienware Support,

I bought an Alienware Sentia 223 from you 13 months ago, and now it's
just out of warranty and does NOTHING! It does not even POST, it has
no electricity, so I am guessing that the problem is the PSU, which
apparently is integrated into the motherboard.

Here is the relevant information on your forum(also, why is this forum
moderated, and why has it taken over three days and still my posts
aren't being posted or replied to?):

I've searched the internet pretty thoroughly now, and I haven't found
either a PSU/mobo or somebody who can fix this. I was told to contact
Uniwill, the manufacturers of this motherboard, and they pointed me to
the adapter, which is NOT the part I need. If the original
manufacturer can't understand the problem or help with itI am having a
very hard time coming to terms with the notion that I now have a $1500
paperweight that is unfixable only 13 months after buying this laptop

I don't want to have a paperweight, I want a functional laptop. I
understand this laptop is just past its warranty period, but that
shouldn't mean that a problem can't be fixed and something I bought
from you is now zero-value.

What I would really like is a place to send this to get it fixed (I
understand that the cost will come out of my pocket), because I'm not
really too confident at picking apart an entire dense little laptop
and putting it back together again.

Please reply soon! My wife is hounding me about when she gets to use
the laptop again.


pax hominibus,
agape to everyone,

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Okay, I just freed up my bureaucrat voodoo dolls, since my grant got straightened out. I'll get busy with pin insertion for your current problem. Sweet Jesus, that's a seriously ridiculous issue. Suggest to them that you're looking up their home addresses and would like to stop by to discuss the matter in person.
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