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Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Bottled water is a sham and bad for the environment

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thoughts: a friend sent me the link above, which verifies what I've always been thinking: Bottled water is typically no better than tap water, unless the water in your community is truly unsafe for drinking, and all those plastic bottles are starting to add up to a lot of chemicals, garbage, no good water for the places that are sucked dry, and money for the water bottling companies. Steph and I have a pack of 6 water bottles, and I just refill them from britta-filtered tap water. I've been thinking about the awesome and dangerous power of reflexive advertising a lot lately though, so maybe we'll switch to some better solution.


Link of the day: TEXTTODISPLAY

pax hominibus,

Thanks for posting this - I totally agree, and it drives me crazy.
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