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Monday, January 30, 2006


FAFSA online doesn't accept Firefox Browser

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thoughts: I went to fill out the Financial Aid form for the government, and they support Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and American Online browsers, but not Mozilla Firefox. Considering that Firefox is following the standard http and https conventions, why the heck do they not support it?

"We have detected that you are using a non-certified browser.

The browsers listed below have been certified for use with FAFSA on the Web. If you choose to use a browser other than the ones listed here, the site's pages may not display properly, and you may encounter problems while entering your application that Customer Service may not be able to resolve. On a quarterly basis, the Department of Education will evaluate new browser versions and certify them for use with FAFSA on the Web."

Borrowing money is fun, painful, and necessary for learning if you're not well-to-do.

pax hominibus,

Bastards! All Bastards! Every One!
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