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Monday, November 7, 2005


studying racism is difficult

thoughts: i've been reading and studying books on racism for the last couple weeks, and i find myself resisting it for two reasons.

1. i want us to just be able to blow it away in one big sweep. make the world truly just and equitable for everyone, make reparations as appropriate, and move on into the great bright sunshine world of light in the sky here on earth. and i get mad that it's not easy at all.
1a. i am lazy, and these readings are deep, dense, and long.

2. i came here with the thinking that i was going to be focusing on theoretical theology, and religious history in support of that. tackling issues at a grounded level is much too here and now for my tastes, and so applied/applicable. to put it in perspective, when i studied math in undergrad, i liked the non-euclidean geometry and topology, and complex variables, etc, and not linear algebra, and differential equations, and combinatorics.

i'm coming to realize that i'm going to need to figure out a middle path for myself, because in coming here, i (to myself, perhaps the school as well) committed to doing both the theoretical and the applied. i'm sure that once i get more engaged, it will be very rewarding. perhaps this is just a phase i need to go through, and be sure to store well in my memory for future reference...

touch the sky and touch ground.

pax hominibus,

Life's messy when you work at the reality level. It's easy to assert the worth of every human life till you get into the meat of things.
Race is only one issue, and people will move onto the next thing, be it sexual preference, or the worst of all, religion, the main force for exclusion and hate in this world.
God would be kicking some serious ass, were she not an absent minded artist who made this mudball, filled it with angry primates and then took off, more than likely for good.
Good works take hard work. You'll do fine, RevJD.
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