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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


More good confessions on

music: Rufus Wainwright - Imaginary Love

colors:Apple Red

mood: Procrastinatory

thoughts: Just found some pretty images on PostSecret to share:
Such a RACY picture!
The thing I like most about the one above is not so much that this person goes au naturel at church, but that they may be puritan enough to get their kicks from it.

Yup.  Actually I don't mind being white, but rather being white in a racist culture, as we have here in America.  Even efforts at trying to combat racism continue to draw attention to difference in skin color, further complicating matters.  Grrr...
WRT the two above, being born into life is a crapshoot. Too bad we can't all just choose. Can't wait for the metaverse....

Kissing robots is funny.
I didn't send the above pic in, but... "Do I sound like a musical robot?" (Harry is pretty much my twin, 20 years younger...)

may the stars line up in your sky.


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