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Monday, November 7, 2005


Two Big News Items!

a little ditty in my head

blue white black

pretty good. i played my acoustic guitar for about an hour earlier today, working on a couple funky scales and chord structures, and the ditty in my head mentioned above.

This page on Slashdot is an interesting discussion of the vatican's recent statement against Intelligent Design.

I'm not sure which is the bigger news: 1) that the Vatican is speaking up, with the authority they have, compared to the (relatively brand new) fundamentalists, who believe their position of literal interpretation is authoritative; or 2) that there are geeks on slashdot who are as excited about theology as they are about network system administration and linux... :)


pax hominibus,

theology: the study of what cannot be proved, but can be turned into absurd reasoning, strict rules and fuzzy thinking.
Who cares what that bunch of kidfuckers thinks?
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