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Monday, November 14, 2005


If you're ever in need of a nice secular prayer for a wedding dinner grace...

music: prince - when you were mine

colors: peach, beige, french fry

mood: weary. lotsa schoolwork to finish up coming up.

thoughts: i performed a wedding about a month ago now, and had told the brother of the bride i'd post the "grace" prayers for him.

rehearsal dinner:
on this evening of preparation and expectation, may this dinner provide us energy and warmth to allow us to come together this weekend with family and friends in a spirit of celebration, joy, and appreciation. may this food, and this gathering pique our senses, so we are able to realize the love radiating among us -- both this weekend, and going forward. and may we all remember to take a few brief moments during tomorrow's festivities to reflect, and to breathe.
blessed be, and amen.

wedding reception:
as we come together in celebration and to witness the love and commitment of this extraordinary couple, may we be reminded that this gathering of love and joy takes place in a world filled with potential toward the same inspiring energy we feel here today. and as we sit down to eat this meal of food grown from the earth, let us remember our bond and dependence to the earth, and to one another. as we celebrate today, as the soil of the earth celebrates every time it feels the sun and the water, so too may we remember to find and cause inspiration to celebrate daily.
blessed be, and amen.

kick it and smile.

Link of the day: Sermons on the Narnia Chronicles

I must admit as a child I loved these books. I wonder if seeing the movie I will feel the same way, or if somehow it'll be made more overtly fundamental-leaning than c. s. lewis would've wanted. Even though it's being put out by disney, I'm going to have to see this one. After reading about two paragraphs of one of the sermons I linked to above, I'm feeling a bit ill. IMO, that kind of Christian thinking needs a good hip-check into the boards, to use hockey-parlance.

"Our King, our Aslan, has overcome. Fought, the fight, the battle won."

Geesh!! See what I'm talking about? It's got a nice meter to it, but hey, "Lion idolatry, anyone?"

Well, now that I'm (hoping I'm) most of the way through God's wringer, I'm going to go see these movies with new eyes as they stream out over the next several years, and perhaps find some decent alternative relevant substitutional imagery.

pax hominibus,

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