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Friday, September 23, 2005


more insipid song lyrics

i was singing this to my pets earlier, as "hello all you animals...", but realized that even though they're cunning, clever, and willful, they still can't understand english, so changed up the words a tad. it's a simple simple tune, and a generalized outward proclamation of love (isn't that sweet?).

"hello all you people (x3) [A4(x00220)/A9(002200)]
i lo-o-o-ove you. [A4/A4+9 (x00220/x00200 - hammer on/off 2nd string)

"hello all you people (x3)
i lo-o-o-ove you.

guitar solo while singing "la la la da da..." along with it (d c# a, d c# b a, ...)

it's so simple and syrupy it's almost embarrassing, but you gotta walk before you run..

that's it.

I prefer the animal version of your song. Very cute. Maybe you have found a niche?
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