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Monday, September 19, 2005


personality schmersonality :)

music: meat beat manifesto - mindstream / mind the bend the mind single

colors: yellow, grey, light blue

mood: contemplative

thoughts: last night stayed up late at some friends, playing a couple games, and then talking about myers-briggs, and then doing enneagram-style personality assessments. yeah, they're subjective in the nature of how the categories are set up and linked, how the subject self-reports, and how the test admin finds patterns, but all in all, i'd say my assessment was pretty close. i had high scores for individualist, investigator, helper, and reformer, but relatively low scores on challenger/leader, enthusiast, and loyalist. wish i had higher scores in the leader category, but those folks tend to be dominating and wanting to exert their will externally. i want to do that, but i just see dominance as mean and hard-nosed, in the nature of folks like some of my past bosses and our president. i think, for me at least, perhaps there's another model of dominance, or a better style of leadership, like cutting a good path loudly. then again, that could be more of an adventurer type i suppose....

starpower report availability now limited to those special moments when the clinton/gore t-shirt is on your tv screen...

trees are a bendin'
in one direction
because of somethin'
(from 'the dragonfly' by clutch)

go get your livin' out life on,

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