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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Dang, I gotta get up for church in the morning.

music: res / amyp mix, including coltrane, deus, butthole surfers, stone roses, pixies, the orb, mary lou lord, multiplication rock, clutch, and an impromptu sloppy guitar duet i did with a friend when i was first starting out playing.

colors: blue, white, orange, green

mood: nut

thoughts: i have this picture of gandhi that i wanna put on the back of my door. in the caption next to it, he's quoted as saying "wise people speak clearly and reasonably." i recognize that that's been a real struggle for me. also i plan to put up this pic i recently found in the pocket of a folder, and had forgotten about, of my head tattoo back when it was just the prismatic mobius strip, the swiss cheese sky, and three birds (albatross, falcon, golden eagle). in the pic, i had my orange shorts with the mickey mouse patch on, and also a green helmet shirt where the alien is shaking hands with the businessy man in a suit with a strong jaw. and i had this weird little tail just behind the rainbow mobius. i lost the shirt somewhere along the way, and the shorts just got too beat up...

that was back when the lyrics in my head went something like this:

i was
love-bombing at the border,
bloodshot eyes but feeling fine,
just then i met him on the corner,
he said 'mister, got the time?'

so then i gave that man a quarter
and i gave that man a dime
i said 'hey there mister,
pick up the phone and hear this rhyme'

so then i gave that girl a quarter
and i gave that girl a dime
i said 'hey dear sister,
if you could read my mind,
you'd see the rapture.
exactly nothing just-shy of the rapture,
and see the birds are flying free.'

(phones in the madison area cost 35 cents back then. there are some other lyrics to go with it. i've got them written down somewhere.

it'd be an understatement to mention that was an interesting time in my life.

reluctantly 3 thurstons

trees are a bendin'
in one direction
because of somethin'

Link of the day: Here's a unique picture blog that I'm a contributor for.

go out get your livin' out life on,

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