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Sunday, September 18, 2005


A bit on ANTiSEEN

colors: green, black, blue

OK these guys are a true southern punk rock band as over the top as anyone. Other than most times they're exactly the opposite of correct, politically or sensibly, they tell it straight and from their heart, and they've been around about two decades.

I can only take so much of them though, as the musical dynamics are pretty minimal, and the lyrics represent as small-minded and bigoted, and I'm ambivalent about the confederate flag as apparel. The album of theirs "The Destructo Years" that I have doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore. On that album, they do sing a song of tender loving hate-smashing, complete with calling Christians to the carpet for the depth of their hypocrisy, called "N C Royalty" that just rolls/roils in its own sincerity.

thurstons: 1.5

mantra: sounds sights and sensations always want to satisfy their divinely inspired purpose

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