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Thursday, September 15, 2005


A Little Rumi

colors: still orange, white, and blue

mood: happy. just got a note from some friends about the hard work they've been doing, and am super-eager to see it.

thoughts: you might like this bit by Rumi:

The thirsty man is moaning,
"O'delicious water!" The water
moans too, saying, "Where is the

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starpower measurements discontinued...

chant/prayer/mantra: om om om om om om
# om namah shivaya gurave
saccidananda murtaye
nispraprancaya shantaya
nirah lambaya tejase #
(repeat # to # x3)
om om om

get your day on,

Can you talk Persian or something?
I can sing that chant, but no I don't really know sanskrit very well at all.

The translation is "I offer myself to the light who is the true teacher within and without, who assumes forms of reality consciousness and bliss, who is never absent and is full of peace, Independent in its existence, it is the vital essence of illumination."

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