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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sinéad O'Connor Update and Quote

I guess I haven't been keeping up with everything.  I've always enjoyed Sinéad's music (except the showtunes album), and what I've heard "recently," but then again, the last six years I haven't had money or time for new music. Now seeing some news from a recent article, and the article linked above, I guess I haven't been keeping up much with what was going on in the life of my college idol/crush.  If memory serves, the poster I had on the ceiling of my bedroom junior year looked something like the pic at right.

 Huh, times have changed.  

Nowadays, I give support to people with depression and mental illness, and dealing with a Hx of parental abuse, during the course of a regular day.

Below is a quote from her that shines like a quasar for me.  Along with this 1994 quote "There is no too far," from Lee Renaldo, I will carry this quote from her with me forevermore:

 I realised songs were a place where you could say anything at all, the stuff you wouldn't dream of saying in real life.

I will always love Sinéad. Not just for that quote.  Not just for the music.  Not just for her beautiful bald head in times past.  Simply for her being.

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